Living our Mission: Mid-Hidson Works Success Stories

David Pell

In February of 2021, David Pell, a former Cook in the United States Navy, came to Mid-Hudson Works via the Vet-To-Vet Program. David was a bit down on his luck. He needed a place to call “home” and a job that would provide meaning in his life.

As the Vet-To-Vet Program found a place for David to live, Mid-Hudson Works provided David with an opportunity for employment. Oh Boy! Did David ever make “the most” out of his opportunity!

David was first asked to learn how to fabricate track lighting. Once he understood the process he then mastered it. Soon after, he became the Lead and assisted his Supervisor in the training of others. He was also trusted to start and finish Purchase Orders on his own and he never disappointed.

David then began to spread his wings and learned our Pick, Pack and Ship process for another fabrication client. Once he mastered that, David proceeded to learn and assist in Fulfillment and on Kitting jobs whenever possible.

David didn’t stop there. He proudly volunteered his time taking care of the facility by incorporating landscaping, loading and unloading of trucks and even some painting in his already busy schedule. He did all this while having perfect attendance.

In August of 2021, David received some sad news. He needed to relocate in order to take care of a sick family member. Though he didn’t want to leave, David now had the skills and confidence he needed to find employment out of New York State. Prior to his departure, David was even able to purchase an automobile to make his transition even smoother.

Mid-Hudson Works is very proud to have had David Pell on our Team. He is greatly missed however, he truly exemplifies what our mission is all about: To hire and train Veterans and individuals with physical and/or medical disabilities in order to enter into gainful employment.

“Thank You,” David. There will always be a place for you at Mid-Hudson Works!

     – Ralph Castaldi, Executive Director