Mid-Hudson Workshop - Soldering

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Mid-Hudson Workshop - Soldering

Mid-Hudson Workshop – Soldering

Did you know that another service The Mid-Hudson Workshop offers is soldering? To be honest, that’s not all we do when we solder. We solder as part of other light manufacturing and assembly work. Companies such as Selux, LSI and Stephen Gould regularly hire the Mid-Hudson Workshop to create wiring harnesses, LED light assemblies, switches and more. Our skilled employees work from detailed drawings, do intricate and complicated wiring and also solder when needed. Who knew? Well more and more companies within the Hudson Valley and beyond are calling on us for projects that would otherwise interrupt assembly lines or require a little more care and time. Our flexibility, skill and willingness to take on small projects and runs are some of our biggest assets.


If you have a need or know a company looking for custom wiring and assembly work, please Contact us for more information.