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Mid Hudson Works thrives on partnering with manufacturing companies that may need a hand with product sub-assembly work, both on a temporary or permanent basis. The workshop is a great place to set up a satellite shop, if space needs or labor challenges continue to slow you down at your home base. When this type of work is made available to the workshop for programming opportunities, it truly provides impact to the mission we serve. New projects not only allow us to grow capacity opportunities to our community and mission specific clients, but they also allow you to solve a business need and support workforce development opportunities.

Trade work is becoming harder and harder to staff with skilled labor. Sub-Assembly work partnerships are a great way for the workshop to provide trades related training and opportunities to the clients we serve, while also solving the common labor challenges that many businesses today are facing. The workshop has worked with a variety of companies, both local and afar, that have allowed us to develop training programs in electrical assembly, soldering assembly, frame assembly, and also machining training that allows us to build internal sub-assembly components right on site.

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