Mid-Hudson Works contracts with clients to provide fulfillment services including; warehousing, receiving orders/invoices (ecommerce), picking, packing and shipping.

We serve a variety of clients from natural skin care and health related products, specialty card boxes, pet food to chamber of commerce mailings and bulk mailings for other companies We provide inventory information, work with their software for order processing if needed, and use their packaging and shipping preferences

fulfillment Examples

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FULFILLMENT Best Practices

Once we have established your fulfillment needs, we will work closely with you to develop a standardized best practice and quality standard for the way your product is shipped. Customers often want a specific look for product shipping and Mid Hudson Works is able to provide customized shipping solutions, from product card inserts to specific dunnage requirements. Whatever look you have in mind, Mid Hudson’s Team will make sure we get it just the way you envisioned it. Mid Hudson Works will prepare a mutually beneficial Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for our Team to provide clear guidance on your final product expectations for quality, presentation, and final packaging. We also encourage our customers to provide their own SOP’s, photos, and documentation to ensure product alignment goals are met every step of the way.