101.5 WPDH and Tommy Zurhellen talk with Laura Kiesbye about Coffee With a Cause!

Mid-Hudson Works wants to say thank you to Tommy Zurhellen and 101.5 WPDH for allowing me to join them on the Commander Tom segment yesterday.

This segment allowed us to share our exciting news about North River Roasters and how our coffee with a cause program is impacting workforce development for Veterans and people with disabilities. Visit shop.midhudsonworks.org and use promo code WPDH to get $3.00 off per bag.

We are also working to create a new Patriot Breakfast Blend that will allow us to give-back to other non-profits in our local community to help raise awareness to Veteran and disability causes. Of course, we also talked about and smelled some amazing coffee during the show.

(Thank you to Anthony Kiesbye and Kriselle Tabalanza for collaborating on this effort). 

Also, don’t forget to attend our 75th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting Celebration on 10/13/23 at noon, where you can sample some North River Roasters coffee during the event.

Hope to see you all there!!

Laura and the MHW Team ❤

Here’s the segment if you missed it: