Folk Revival

Folk Revival is a new emerging natural foods company delivering keto-friendly and gluten-free hot cereals that revive heirloom foods. Each cup is high in protein containing twenty grams and is low in net carbs containing between 1-5 grams. Folk revival cereals are unique in that they include acorn flour, unseen before in natural food products throughout North America. The homepage of Folk Revival,, was launched in early 2023 and is the primary marketplace for the hot cereals in addition to 100 independent health-focused stores located mostly throughout New York City.

Recently, Folk Revival launched at Whole Foods and is set to distribution to Whole Foods in four eastern regions (approximately 165 stores). Folk Revival’s founder, Mr. David Cantor, was informed about the work of Mid-Hudson Works through a professional colleague at Predator Beverages and has collaborated with our team since the inception of his brand. David oversees the supply chain, production, sales, marketing, and most notably online crowdfunding for Folk Revival in addition to working with the five part-time staff he brought on board through his connections to the natural food industry spanning over 20 years. The website he spends the most time on, along with the homepage for Folk Revival, is where over $100,000 has been raised for the production of Folk Revival cereals. The minimum amount to fund Folk Revival is $100. His mission for Folk Revival remains “to deliver functional nutrition by reviving heirloom and heritage foods.”

Mid-Hudson Works has supported Folk Revival in its management of both wholesale orders from larger retailers alongside individual consumer orders allowing its exponential growth into both marketplaces. Additionally, the 52,000 square foot warehouse space run by Mid-Hudson Works was the appropriate size for the number of direct-consumer online orders. A colleague at Predator Beverages informed David of Mid-Hudson Works and their mission. Since David currently resides in Northern New Jersey, the facilities of Mid-Hudson Works are easy to access on a regular basis.

Upon his initial visit, David found the staff at Mid-Hudson Works easy to communicate with and connected to the mission of Mid-Hudson Works: to provide workforce opportunities to businesses and to disabled veterans and/or individuals with disabilities. Thus, his partnership was as much about his own desire to support Mid-Hudson Works in their service to the community as it was about expanding Folk Revival. As Folk Revival sought new avenues for selling their cereal varieties, Mid-Hudson Works was able to provide indispensable technical knowledge regarding the Amazon Seller Marketplace and Ship Stations. David has relied on Mid-Hudson Works for assistance regarding palletized freight, digital marketplaces, and seller contracts. He continues to be impressed by the ingenuity and excellent communication in his relationship with Mid-Hudson Works.


David sees Folk Revival continually expanding in its wholesale market, highlighted by the recent set launch of his product into 165 stores Whole Food stores in 2024. He also aims to increase online orders through additional digital marketing and networking with the help of the Mid-Hudson Works team. Ultimately, he hopes to launch Folk Revival cereals into natural food stores across New York and beyond, a definite possibility given the track record of Folk Revival in only a single year: multiple retailers have consistently re-ordered Folk Revival cereals, numerous chain accounts have been created, and an increasing number of direct consumers have ordered cereals on a monthly subscription among other accomplishments.


We wish Folk Revival the best in their continued success!