MHW Dedicates Wing to NRR Donors

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Today was a very special day for MHW and the North River Roasters Coffee team and brand. It was exactly one year ago today that the MHW team went solo with roasting. With the help of our amazing mentors and friends (Feza and Diane), MHW is so excited to continue the traditions of roasting coffee for our community.

Behind the brand is a very special couple, Feza and Diane. With the donation of this beautiful gift on 12/5/22, MHW has been able to use coffee to connect with the community through donations, gift baskets, and through community event participation. We are using the business to create entrepreneurial business skills programming for our staff and the team is having a blast!

Congrats to Feza and Diane, as we dedicate the roastery today in your honor and create a piece of MHW history within our facility. I also want to thank Anita and Christa from Hudson River Housing, Inc. for joining us to celebrate this special occasion. With the NRR brand blooming at HRH facilities, we felt extremely honored to have them share this special dedication with us as the NRR chapter continues to move forward.

From the entire MHW team, we want to thank Feza and Diane for their contributions and will continue to cherish their donation for many years to come.

Adams Fairacre Farms, Inc.

Dulce Cakes and Confections

Emy Delights & Bites

Kitchen & Coffee

Kelly’s Bakery & Cafe

The Culinary Institute of America

Fishkill Farms Fishkill, NY

Chakra Bowls

The Epicurean

The Locavore Market

Thank you to all of the above customers that have continued with MHW during the transition and continue to support the brand today. We cannot do it without you all. ❤