The MHW Team is AED certified

Yesterday, our ability to train our team on CPR/AED use and other lifesaving techniques helped Dutchess County gain 11 new trained individuals. Now, everyone at Mid Mid-Hudson Works is CPR certified.

This Team building event was so much fun – our team was engaged and had a great time learning how to use our new AED (a grant item that was funded by both Walmart and Peckham Industries, Inc.). We could not have purchased this equipment or had this training without their support, and we are truly grateful for the training opportunity these grants provided the workshop.

Here are a few pictures of the team springing into action. After 3 rounds of compressions and AED shocks, our team was able to save the “victim”.

We highly recommend Charles from One Beat Medical & Training. He was an amazing trainer, and we really appreciate him spending some time with us.

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AED Team Builder Photo 03.05.24
John in Action
Laura Concetta Alan AED
Maria the lifesaver
Patty in ACtion
Ron and Charles
Ron at work
Shannon at work with John
team MHW
Team work with AED
TEAm work
AED in action team 2
AED in action
AED Team Builder Photo 03.05.24
AED train
AED training 1
AED training
Alan and John
Alan at work
Alan in Action
Anyone can do it
charles is choking
Concetta Found the victim